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Dry January

To Stop Drinking. Alcoholism Concept. Stop Alcohol Addiction. Ad

It’s a thing, you might feel better, act better and accomplish more.

If you plan on banning booze here are some things to know.

1. Your overall health will actually improve significantly

2. Your mood will improve, too

3. You’ll get more accomplished

4. Enlisting a sober buddy will help keep you motivated

5. Eliminating temptation within your home is mission critical

6. Mocktails might help to quench your thirst

7. Replacing your version of happy hour with another mood-boosting

     activity can kill cravings, too

8. Journaling through January might be motivational

9. You don’t have to commit to being a shut-in (but hey~it’s a pandemic)

10. You shouldn’t give up if you slip up

11. Dry January is not for those looking to recover from addiction

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