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Drive Through Chat

Portrait Of Happy Little Smiling Boy Kid Is Looking Out Of Rusti
Portrait of happy little smiling boy kid is looking out of rustic wooden window and smiling. Summer time. Old rustic russian village house vindow. Horizont photo.

An Ohio family struggling with quarantine life has come up with a creative way to safely socialize.

by holding a “drive thru chat.” And their entire neighborhood is benefitting.

The Roush family—Corrine and Matt and their two children Charlie, eight, and Louetta, six—

were missing social interaction and wondered if there was a way that they could still communicate

with friends and neighbors while staying safe.

“FaceTime, Zoom, Skype have all been great aids in staying connected

but there is just something about actually being in the presence of someone and spending time together.”

“We have a sign just out front of our living room window that says ‘Stop & Beep.’

It doesn’t matter what room of the house we’re in, when we hear that beep

we come running to that window with huge smiles on our faces,” Corrine said.

“It’s been such a light during what has felt like such a dark time.”

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