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Doughnut Chicken Sandwich? One Doughnut or Two?

Anna is HANGRY, A.J. is napping, and coach Laurie is inviting anyone who walks by into the studio. We figured out what killed Colonel Sanders, it was either the “Walking Morons” or maybe the “Sharona” Virus.

AJ Battalio, has put his certificate of completion from the prestigious Connecticut School of Broadcasting to good use. He hosts a radio program at KRWM in Seattle, he’s teamed up with Anna D, (we’re still not EXACTLY sure what she does but she has a senior at the beginning of her job title so we know she’s kind of a big shot)these two knuckleheads are hopping on the PODCAST BANDWAGON to give you the best half hour (or so) they’ve got. Follow them and share their journey with real life everyday struggles and topics, quirky people stories and random conversation that they swear was definitely not planned. Listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not…we’re not forcing you.

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