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Donated Christmas Trees are Being Turned into Canes for Veterans

When US Army veteran Jamie Willis retired from the military, he needed a cane to help him get around. But according to CNN, the cane he got from Veterans Affairs “…had no style, kept collapsing and wasn’t what he deemed trustworthy.”

So he reached out to Free Canes for Veterans, but they were out of canes. Luckily the man who runs the organization, Oscar Morris, was willing to teach Willis how to make his own. Making his first cane inspired Willis and he started Canes for Veterans in Central Texas who have now made and donated over 200 canes to veterans in need.

Last year, Willis started asking for local businesses and people to donate their Christmas trees (after removing the limbs). Every donated tree can be turned into a single cane after about a day of TLC. So far, Willis has had 400 trees donated from Home Depot and expects to get another 100 from individual donations in the community.

When asked by The Murphy Gazette how people could help, Willis asked people to “Spread the word, pick up your own branch, make a cane. Give it away. Spread the love in their own way. Make another cane. Give it away.” If cane making isn’t a skill you’ve perfected, Willis also happily accepts sandpaper and tool donations. You can find out more on their Facebook page or by emailing them at

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