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Doin Good – Nick & Pam

We got an email from listener Pam who wanted to recognize Nick for all that he does to help out her and husband, John:

I want to tell you about a Godsend in our lives.  His name is Nick Peak and he is one of those silent guys that is completely genuine.

In May of 2014 my husband, John, became disabled by a spinal injury in his neck.  He is wheelchair bound and lives in an AFH.  Nick comes over every Wednesday (and other days if needed) and takes care of whatever is needed.  He takes John to appointments, fixes his wheelchair, repairs dents in walls, tweaks electronics, plays games, takes John to lunch occasionally, arranges to have John’s disabled van repaired and is an all around Mr. Fix-It.  He is very handy and knowledgeable about a multitude of topics.  His biggest contribution to John’s life has been his constant companionship.  We knew Nick and his family prior to John’s disability through church but never did anything elsewhere.  He just stepped up and offered his friendship and assistance.  He has been steadfast ever since.

John cherishes his friendship and I appreciate the hand he lends while I am at work.  He is definitely one of the good ones.

We had the chance to talk with Pam and surprise Nick too!

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