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Doin Good – Bellingham Police

A pair of Bellingham Police officers responded to a child “in extreme distress,” according to a Facebook post by the Bellingham Police Department, and probably made a friend for life, in the process.  Officer Clark Bourgault and Officer Mark Litovchenko

received a call from Kelly Martinez, mother of 6-year-old Levi Martinez, who has autism. Levi’s bike had been stolen three days earlier, and though it was found, it was in pieces. Kelly said she and some neighbors tried to fix the bike, but were unsuccessful, and Levi was understandably upset.  “Those two officers spent more than 45 minutes trying everything they could to fix the bike,” Kelly said. “It meant a lot to me, and it meant a lot to Levi for them to go above and beyond.”

Unfortunately, the pair determined that the bike wasn’t fixable, but they promised, according to the Facebook post, “to bring him one from home that wasn’t broken.”  The two officers kept their promise and delivered a new bike to Levi.

“He was really happy, and he hasn’t been off it since,” Kelly said. “It made a big difference for him. …. I can’t explain how much it meant to see them go out of their way to help Levi.”

We spoke with Officer Bourgault about going above & beyond the call of duty to help Levi.

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