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Doin Good – 8 Year Old Trevor

Trevor Fields is Doin’ Good! Trevor’s mom wrote in to us to tell us that Trevor has been inspired to help raise money for cancer in honor of his late Principal, Mr. Pfeiffer.
To honor a wonderful man, Trevor started a school-wide coin drive for the month of May. We brought Trevor and his Mom in to tell us how it’s going.
Here are the wonderful letter we received about Trevor from his Mom and his teacher:
Hello Allan & Ashley,
Thank you. My son told me I should thank you guys for giving him a way to make a difference.
Let me first tell you how much my son, Trevor, enjoys your “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” segment in the mornings. (It is a great motivator to get up and out the door in the morning.) Last week he heard you encouraging listeners to text in to help support cancer research. He really made a connection with your message.
The weekend before we had gotten word that his principal had lost his battle with cancer and Trev thought if we sent in money, his principal could get better. As a second grader this is his first experience with losing someone, and is still trying to understand what it means when someone dies. I told him that the money could perhaps be shared with others who are sick, or trying to find a cure.
We talked about a few different ways he could raise money. He ultimately decided to host a coin drive at his school, with the monies raised being donating to cancer research in his principal’s name. Today we shared his plan with his schoolmates at a school-wide assembly, inviting them to take action and bring in some coins. We plan to host the coin drive through the month of May.
When I told him how much I appreciated him sharing his idea with me, he replied, “No Mom. Thank Allan & Ashley.”
I just wanted to let you know you made a difference in his day and gave him a way to make sense of this loss that has impacted so many. Thanks again.
Ashley Fields

Hello Allan and Ashley,
My name is Julie Costa. I am a 2nd Grade teacher at Idlewild Elementary School in Lakewood, WA.
As you know, Trevor recently requested permission to start at Coin Drive at our school to honor our AMAZING Principal, Jim Pfeiffer, who recently passed from pancreatic cancer. Mr. Pfeiffer or “Mr. 5-4” (as the learners called him) had a huge heart and great personality, which is two great characterizes that he and Trevor have in common.
Part of my strength and motivation comes from Trevor. I have watched him overcome so many challenges this past year and continue to grow onto such a caring and generous human. Trevor is an amazing kid! He has such a big heart and cares so much for those around him. Despite all that is going on around him, he still takes the time to consider how others are affected and to feel sympathy for situations that cannot be helped. He is always willing to lend a helping hand and take care of someone in need. I truly believe he will change the world someday!
I want to thank you for taking the time to recognize Trevor and the amazing efforts he is making to Honor the Principal we all Love and Miss so much, Mr. 5-4.
Julie Costa


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