Dog Days: How Your Pooch Can Help You Defeat Your Paunch

Contributing writer: Lucy Wyndham

When it comes to getting fit, nothing ties you down to an exercise routine quite like having a dog. If you own one of Seattle’s 153,000 dogs, you’ll know that these animals need walks no matter whether it’s hail, rain or shine. NPR reports that dog walkers walk 22 minutes more per day than the average – and given that they’re out and about two or three times a day, it’s no surprise. Here are some ways you can ensure you don’t just stay inside and that you make the most of walking your dog by keeping your exercise rates high.

1. Push yourself each time

Dogs don’t always know when they’ve had enough, and as a result, they’re often quite happy to carry on running until they drop in a heap of tiredness – especially if they’re young. That’s great for you as a fitness lover, as it means you can carry on walking until you’ve both exhausted yourself. You now have a living, breathing and fluffy reason not to sneak back home after a few minutes of exercise!

2. Get in the water

We don’t call it “doggy paddle” for no reason. Dogs love to swim, so it’s a great idea to make the most of their natural urges and get fit in the process. Heading down to the some of the amazing beaches in the Seattle area, such as the Golden Gardens Park recommended by Seattle Pi, is a fantastic way to both get some exercise in for you and make sure your dog is burning off steam at the same time. It is also one of the most entertaining exercise methods for dog owners, too, as the sight of a dog splashing around is pretty funny!

3. Run or bike, too

There’s no reason to just stick to walking when it comes to exercising your dog. If your dog likes to run, why not get him or her on the leash and do your normal run with them alongside? Alternatively, you could also tie the lead to the handlebars of your bike and get cycling at a slow but steady and well-practiced pace. Your dog will love it!

As a dog owner, there are loads of ways you can get your pooch involved in your daily exercise routine. By staying fit together, you’ll both find yourselves enjoying the advantages of being active. Get your dog out for a walk, run, swim, or cycle today and feel the benefits.

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