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Does The HydraFacial Live Up To The Hype? Spoiler: YES!


2020 is all about self-care for me. I’m specifically focused on HAIR, NAILS and SKIN!

In previous years I’ve prioritized other things like debt-reduction or exercise/diet. But, I’m not good at doing everything at the same time. AND, like most of you, I’m on a budget. It’s much easier to pick 2-3 things to work on!

During a consultation at Well Medical Arts, the HydraFacial was suggested. As someone who has enjoyed a relaxing facial in the past, I was sold! It’s important to point out: Well Medical Arts did not sponsor this post, pay me to say nice things about them or provide any services for free or at discount to me. I simply LOVED my HydraFacial and wanted to share it with you! 

As facials go, I’ve never seen LASTING results like what I’m experiencing from my HydraFacial Saturday. Yes, 4 days after and my skin is a radiant as when I left. I don’t know how your skin reacts to a traditional spa facial. If I have a facial in the morning, apply makeup later that day, then wash it off at night…it’s over. I wake up with the same dry forehead and oily chin/nose I always do. NOT WITH THE HYDRAFACIAL! It balanced my skin. It made it soft and glowing. It tingled, but didn’t burn. I felt exfoliated but not irritated. I feel hydrated and my skin appears 5-8 years younger. My confidence without makeup has increased. I’ve NEVER before posted a video in natural-light without make-up..But here we are! The photo is ALSO in natural light without makeup!

If you’d like to invest in yourself and your skin, try the HydraFacial. I really enjoyed mine with Lacey at Well Medical Arts, in West Seattle.

Photo in natural light, no makeup (Minus a bit of tinted moisturizer).