Does Moose Cheese Make a Good Snack While You Are Watching Christmas Movies? [Podcast]

There is an advent calendar for everything this year, from dogs to cheese to Harry Potter. And speaking of cheese, did you know you can get moose cheese? Cliff is unsure, but is willing to try anything once, since it comes from his native homeland (or so Heather says). If a cheese Advent calendar (or moose cheese) sounds like it's your thing, you'll definitely want to check out Time for Some Cheese on Instagram.

Cliff is doing a marathon! No, not a running marathon, a video game marathon! It's for a charity called Extra Life and you can get more details (and donate if that is your thing) at the website for Cliff's other podcast. But fund raising in general can make a terrific holiday gift! Go to Facebook, setup a fundraiser for a charity that you love and have folks donate to you instead of giving you gifts this year.

There are so many Christmas movies coming out this year and we are getting so close the time of year where you can watch a new Christmas movie almost every day! In addition to the 40 new movies on the Hallmark channel, there are also a ton of new offerings on Netflix and Amazon movies.

Finally, how much money do you have to have before giving a car for Christmas doesn't seem outrageous? And even if you had that much money, would you buy somebody a car for Christmas?

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