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Do You Want Crickets With Those Fries?

Farm Crickets ,close Up Of Crickets (gryllidae) In Farm,many Cri
Credit: BigStockPhoto

OK, so we’re not talking about the actual, full-bodied insect on your side of fries.

That being said … Boise Fry Company, based in Idaho, said Tuesday that it’s adding gourmet cricket-based seasonings to its salt lineup.

The locally acclaimed restaurant says it’s teaming up Orchestra Provisions, which makes the seasoning.

The seasoning roster (with a dash of crickets) includes four new flavors:

  1. Togarashi Salt
  2. Sichuan Pepper Salt
  3. Cajun Salt
  4. Za’atar Salt

If you’re feeling adventurous, the new salts are available now at the restaurant’s five locations in Idaho.

Full Story: HERE

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