Do YOU realize how EASY it is to WIN on WARM?

I get questions about contests…A LOT!

Hopefully, I can answer a couple for you here πŸ™‚

All radio stations are different. Some have national contests where you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of other people from all across the country. Lame. Booooooooo! That’s not us.

With Warm 106.9, you’re ONLY competing with WA residents.

So, if you’re calling in/texting/streaming or listening on the APP with WARM it’s ALL local winners. 24/7

The chances get EVEN BETTER with APP ONLY contests. The people who’ve won recently would probably attest to the fact that it’s REDICULOUSLY easy to win. Right now, Workday Payroll Payoff is happening…

You download our free APP, register and listen for us to call YOUR name (8a, 10a, 2p, 4p, 6p).

I’m not great at math, but with less than 10k people registered RIGHT NOW and 5 chances to win each day…Your odds are good. Really good. CRAZY good.

Now, you might be thinking…What’s the catch? Why are they giving away 10’s of thousands of dollars?

It’s pretty simple. Much like companies that offer samples or coupons, we either want you to try us out or STAY with us. That’s it. (And we have a fancy APP that we made and want you to check out.) We know you have a lot of options. Even beyond the radio, there are a million places you could spend time. Radio, music & local content are our passion. Warm 106.9 is powered by REAL humans…So we want to REWARD real, local humans for picking us. When it comes down to it, when YOU turn on WARM you’re supporting small business in the form of local DJs. (Again, not ALL radio stations can say that.)

I’m REAL. I have a couple tiny dogs and I live in South Seattle (basically Renton). I can be found at Paws, Auburn Valley Humane Society, Seattle Humane and RASKC on the regular. This is my FB page. (Nope, not a “fan” page. A totally REAL page filled with REAL friends.) And…YES, if I wasn’t in radio, I would TOTALLY be playing radio contests on WARM. They’re REALLY easy to win πŸ˜‰




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