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Do you know her? Mariah Carey answers some trivia questions about herself

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Christmas is a few days away and Mariah Carey is the gift that keeps on giving.  Ahead of her favorite holiday, the Grammy winner revealed some little-known trivia facts about herself.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Mariah participated in a YouTube segment for the magazine called “Do You Know Her?” where she was quizzed on questions about her life and career — including the time of day she was born. For the curious, it was at 7:27 in the morning.

She wouldn’t reveal how many dogs she has — it’s seven — but she was able to recall that she spent 500 hours in beauty school, that she “almost burned” the bridal gown she wore in her “We Belong Together” music video, and that she has “no idea” which song of hers contains her longest note.  Mariah guessed that it was “Emotions,” but the real answer was 2001’s “Lead the Way,” where she held a note for 21 seconds.

Mariah also stood her ground when she guessed that she’d scored 19 number-one hits on the Billboard Hot 100.  When a woman off-camera corrected her, saying the number was actually 18, Mariah wasn’t having it.

“I think I know how many number ones I’ve had on the Hot 100 chart, because one of them was a holiday song and it is ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You,'” she deadpanned. “That’s my 19th number one.”

She also knew right off the bat which one of her songs allowed her to surpass Elvis Presley in the ranking of artists with the most Hot 100 number-one hits: It was her 2008 tune “Touch My Body.”

“That was my 18th number one,” she quipped. “It was a pretty amazing moment!”

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