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Do You Have a Morning Routine?

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Morning habits Dr.’s and Psychologists wish you had.

1. Write something down for which you’re grateful.

2. Drink water.

3. Meditate.

4. Make your bed.

5. Get some natural light.

6. Do some exercise, even if it’s not a full workout.

7. Stretch.

8. Take a short walk.

9. Do something you enjoy.

10. Get dressed.

If you have ever read “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod you will see that many of these habits are part of his morning routine suggestions. You may think “I can’t do all that before work!” but maybe you can?  Getting mindful about your routine and paying attention to what is around you and doing things that are good for your body will serve you well.  The better you feel the better you will perform.

Work harder on yourself than you do on your job. It was a phrase that changed Jim Rohn’s life. As the legendary personal development speaker and author famously said: “If you work on your job, you’ll make a living. If you work on yourself, you’ll make a fortune.”

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