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Did YOU Spot It? No Spoilers… Just Starbucks

Look at just how many people noticed this continuity error in last night’s Game of Thrones.  A Starbucks cup on the table?  Yes… Starbucks IS everywhere.

My question is, after butchering my one syllable name so often… did they get HER name right at Starbucks?  “Queen of Dragoons, got a venti for Queen of Dragoons”

And just to pile on further and prove that Starbucks really IS everywhere.  I had a job interview at the Factoria Starbucks a little over a year ago.  I sat, I waited…. the meeting time came and went and I became increasingly nervous.  A good 25 minutes after we were supposed to be eye to eye I happen to look across the parking lot at ANOTHER Starbucks.  Let me repeat that, same complex, ACROSS the darn parking lot a SECOND Starbucks.  We had a real good laugh about it and everything worked out well.

Next move:  Starbucks… inside… Starbucks.

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