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Did You Get Hurt Putting Up Your Tree This Year?

Fallen Christmas Tree And Shattered Christmas Ball On The Floor.

Christmas tree-related injuries are on the rise.

According to its survey, 1 in 5 Americans have reportedly been injured

while setting up their Christmas tree this year.

This number is 122% higher than what ValuePenguin reported last year.

Of those who admitted they have received an injury from a Christmas tree, most were men.

And when it comes down to which generation has been hurt the most from

a Christmas tree this year, it was largely the whippersnappers getting tree-related boo-boos.

Twenty-seven percent of Gen Z said they have been injured followed by 24% of Millennials.

Only 5% of Baby Boomers reported experiencing the same.Interestingly,

24% of the survey’s respondents said they feel safer with an artificial tree

versus 8% who said they feel safer with a real tree.

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