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Did Someone Say Back to School?

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Some money saving hacks from other parents.

“My kids’ school has a Facebook group where parents swap gently used clothing that their kids have grown out of it.”

“Sometimes when we think we’re getting a deal, we’ll actually walk out with 10 more bags of items that we didn’t intend to buy.”

Invest in “staples,” as opposed to trendier items for your kids.

Purchasing key items in bulk can also be helpful, such as pencils, index cards and folders.

One great idea: Split bulk deals with other parents who are shopping for the same items.

One mom claims her 8-year-old has used the same lunch box since pre-school.

Don’t forget the reusable water bottle. Look for one that’s stainless steel, chip-proof, dishwasher-safe and has minimal parts to clean and maintain.

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