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Designer Oreos?

Oreo Biscuits Isolated On White Background. Pile Of Red Velvet S
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Sold only in Supreme stores, the Oreos are bright red, with the word “Supreme” across the top.

Oreo, “Milk’s Favorite Cookie,” has teamed up with popular streetwear brand Supreme to release designer Oreos,

and they’re taking off on resale sites like eBay.  Selling for over $10,000.

Supreme is known for its limited-edition releases and partnerships with designer brands,

but their new spring drop contains something a little more bizarre — packs of three Oreos, allegedly retailing for $8.

The designer Oreos launched late last week and immediately were up on eBay, selling for anywhere from $50 to $125, to even $500.

The highest-priced pack of Supreme Oreos, though, was priced at $12,000, and had received 61 bids.

Oreo isn’t the only strange collaboration in Supreme’s most recent collection.

The brand is also teaming up with brands like Zippo, Nalgene and Ziploc for its new line.


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