Delivering More Than Mail


Mailman Kyle, is delivering extra’s along with the mail for the senior citizens on his route.

“They’re my people. That’s my route,” says the Ohio mailman.

“I do this six days a week. I know everyone, and you know their kids.

Everywhere you look, there’s someone waving at you.”

It all started when he ran into one of “his people” a 94-year-old man he delivers to,

in the paper goods aisle.

Two packs of toilet paper remained on the shelf,

but the man walked away without buying anything,

telling West he was unable to afford it.

So Kyle bought it and delivered it the next day telling him to keep his BUTT at home.

Then he included a letter in his deliveries saying if you need help let me know and I

will do what I can to help.

What a kid.

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