Dec 6: Gift Your Loved Ones With A HomeKeeper & Learn the Difference Between Studio 54 and Department 56

Cleaning your house for the holidays isn't fun. And honestly, if you are going to visit someone else over the holidays they aren't going to enjoy cleaning their house either. And this is all made significantly worse because we all have mile long todo lists right before Christmas, full of shopping and decorating and planning and so much more.

So why not give yourself (or the people you are staying with) the gift of a clean house! Getting to cross "Clean the house" off of your list will make everyone happier and it might be cheaper than you think. We gave a shout out to Tidy because we liked that you could do the entire process, from choosing how many hours of cleaning you need, to getting a local estimate, entirely online.

Ok, now that you have your house cleaning scheduled, it's the perfect time to put out your holiday village (because you are going to get someone else to dust it!) But if for some reason you don't already own a Christmas Village, now might be the perfect time to buy one, because Department 56 has released a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation village! You can buy everything from Clark's overly decorated house, to his new swimming pool, to Cousin Eddie's RV and they are all incredible!

The night jock and digital guy from Seattle’s Christmas Station, The New Warm 106.9, are soooo Xtra. Around here, it's always Christmas, and Heather & Cliff are there for it. From holiday scented deodorant to high tech festive décor, join them on the 25th of each month (and even more in December) all things Christmas!

About Cliff Johnson

Cliff LOVES Christmas (but isn't a fan of snow). So he moved to from Utah to Seattle to work at Warm 106.9, the best Christmas station on the planet and now co-hosts their Christmas podcast 'We're So Xmas'! When he's not watching A Christmas Story or listening to his favorite Christmas album (Barenaked...For the Holidays) he's probably podcasting about video games (which TBH, make great holiday gifts!)