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Dear Seattle……

Dear Seattle,

Even though the attack in Manchester happened halfway across the world, it hits close to home because it happened at a concert.  Parents, kids, teenagers, young adults all out to enjoy a night of music.  I think a lot of people in Seattle are thinking back to March and the Ariana Grande concert thousands of people attended at Key Arena.  I didn’t go, but I have friends who took their kids and I don’t know how you can’t not think that could have been us.  Because, truthfully, it could have been any of us. In the wake of terror attacks, everyone vows to be stronger, to be united, to not be afraid, to choose love….. but, how can you look at what happened last night and not allow at least a little part of yourself to be afraid?  James Cordon told his viewers to go home and hug your kids….but, how do you ever let go?  How do you not let that seed of fear and doubt creep in every time you send your kid off to school or drop them off at the next concert?  I heard one parent say his girls had made it out of Manchester Arena safely, but they’d probably never go to another concert again.  Music is supposed to bring people together, concerts are supposed to create memories to last a lifetime, not tear our worlds apart.

As a parent of a toddler, I am not quite at the concert phase yet, but my daughter loves to dance and she loves music and with all of the scary stuff that seems to be happening more and more frequently, I just want to hold her tighter and tighter and keep her in a bubble, honestly.  How do you trust that they will be ok when you’re not there?  Will you think twice before sending your kids to a concert next time?  Will you have that little bit of fear in the back of your mind when you go to a concert this summer? Or a Seahawks game?  I don’t want to live in fear, but I don’t want to ignore it either.

Today, I am asking for your help, your strength, your wisdom to guide me through the fear.  To push away the worries and be able to show and prove to my daughter that this world is filled with love and hate, but love can win…. To be strong enough to let love win.



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