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Dancing with the Babies

Round Dance Moms And Children. Moms And Their Children Hold Hand

Movement and dancing can help babies develop muscle definition and so much more.

increase their awareness of space and body, and stimulate their senses of vision and hearing.

Not to mention, dancing is a natural ‘feel good’ activity that will allow your baby to

release endorphins, feel more connected to you, and have fun.

A Sensory Stimulating Activity

One of the biggest perks of dancing with a baby is that is provides a complete sensory workout.

Not only are they getting a physical activity, they are also being exposed to severa

l different auditory and visual components all at once.

Encourages Social Skills & Bonding

Dancing is a very intimate and social activity, that can help your baby

develop interpersonal skills. Being held close to a parent while dancing will naturally give

baby a sense of security and calm, and this goes a long way in their early development phases.

Promotes Movement Control

Starting to dance with your baby from a young age will give them a great introduction

to movement and coordination. According to The YMCA,  young children who are given

a platform to dance freely tend to develop a much stronger sense of their own bodies.

An Early Introduction To Confidence & Self-Esteem

Moving our bodies allows us to develop our confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness.

For children and babies, having early exposure to movement can stimulate a sense of autonomy,

body confidence, and self-esteem.

If those reasons aren’t enough, it’s just plain fun!!!!

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