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Tool, Tips and repairs for kids without dads.

Bob Kenney’s dad abandoned him and his seven siblings when he was just 14 years old.

At a time when he was on the path to young adulthood,

he had no father to guide him on the way.

So the devoted dad set up a heart-warming YouTube channel called “Dad, How Do I?

— a channel that shares essential skills,

from tying a perfect tie knot to the less glamorous, unclogging a sink.

His positive practical tips have really touched his audience, which is growing by the day.

With 1.9 million subscribers, Kenney is getting to share his “practical ‘dadvice’

for everyday tasks” with more people than he expected.

The amateur DIY dad is overwhelmed by the response and released a “thank you” video

that notched up 1.4 million views, in which he explains how emotional he feels

by the positive response he’s received.

So single mom’s if you have a kid who wants to learn’s your channel. 

As a single mom I would have loved a resource like this.

Youtube Channel: HERE

Full Story: HERE

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