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Cutting In The Ferry Line~What To Do

The bad line cutting behavior is most common in Edmonds, Mukilteo and Kingston.

The dangerous situation started on Aug. 24 after a car cut into the ferry line.

A physical fight erupted between the line cutter and the passenger who was cut off.

That’s when a 68-year-old man in another car intervened and pointed a Glock 9 millimeter pistol into the stomach of one of the men to stop the fight.

“We encourage people not take things into their owns hands,” said Ian Sterling, a public information officer with Washington State Ferries.

No one was injured, but the ferry was delayed and police were called.

They encourage passengers to report problems to the HERO line by calling 877-764-HERO.

As a ferry rider myself, I get it, but a few weeks ago a friend was coming over, first time on ferry, she cut the line, had no idea she was doing it.

An angry woman pulled up behind her and blocked her from backing up, then kicked her car and screamed at her

and stood in front of her car so she couldn’t move at all.

My friends children were in the car and very scared.  The teen started to video the incident, my friend called 911.

There is no need to bully, ask nicely, tell the ticket taker and they will put them off to the side so all the

people who were cut can get on ahead of the cutter.

And by all means call the HERO line.

Instead of assuming they are cutting on purpose, give them the benefit of the doubt and be kind.


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