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Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day… Guaranteed!

I can’t backup my headline with cash money… you may see some new keyboard cat vid and that is out of my control.  But seriously… these orphaned otter pups at The Oregon Zoo are beyond totes adorbs.

I’m reminded of a story I remember from growing up in New England.  Father hears his little girl giggling and splashing coming from beyond the bathroom door.  Opens it to discover a penguin swimming in the family bathtub.  Little girl, on a school field trip, had smuggled it out of the Mystic Connecticut aquarium in her school backpack.  The animal wasn’t harmed and promptly returned… but not after an hour or two of splish, splashy fun.

I’m so much an animal lover that I would NEVER endanger the life of a critter to smuggle one into MY home… but I gotta tell ya, with these two otters, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted.

Also:  I know have a craving for an Otter POP.

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