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Current Kentucky Derby Odds

I love, Love, LOVE watching a horse race… especially in our own backyard at Emerald Downs.  But I’ve always been too proud (or stupid) to ask someone in the know about placing a proper bet. I’ve always just picked horses based on their name.  There’s always something that connects with me.  But for the folks who really stalk the paddock for the perfect horse pick.  Here are the current odds for tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby.

  • Game Winner – 9-2
  • Roadster – 5-1
  • Improbable – 5-1
  • Maximum Security – 8-1
  • Tacitus – 8-1
  • Code of Honor – 12-1
  • Win Win Win – 12-1
  • War of Will – 15-1
  • By My Standards – 15-1
  • Tax – 20-1
  • Vekoma – 15-1
  • Plus Que Parfait – 30-1
  • Cutting Humor – 30-1
  • Long Range Toddy – 30-1
  • Spinoff – 30-1
  • Country House – 30-1
  • Bodexpress – 30-1
  • Gray Magician – 50-1
  • Master Fencer – 50-1

Long Range Toddy?  Improbable?  You guys need to adjust your positive mental attitudes a bit.  Show some confidence.  Tax?  Just paid a LOT of those so thanks, but no thanks.  Maximum Security?  Secure my bet with a big payoff and I’m your guy!

There’s also a ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR mint julep you can but at Churchill Downs this weekend.  I’m fine with the 99 cent Bud Lite I can buy from my kitchen.  I’m a simple man with simple pleasures.  Plus I anticipate not making a lot of coin on my uneducated bet.

I’ve always found it hilarious the Kentucky Derby is five hours of watching ladies wearing way “out there” hats and two minutes of actual, what do the call it?  Oh yeah… race.



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