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CROCK-TOBER: Today’s Crock Pot Recipes for NAVY BEAN & HAM!

Here’s a favorite, and one that has SEVERAL shortcuts.  You can do the slow cooker with bone-in-ham or my favorite way on the stove top in a cast iron dutch oven.  For an organic smokey taste (the liquid smoke too strong for me), start with Ham Hocks or Shanks* (the shank is a bit bigger and meatier, I go for those).  Slow cook for about 3 hours in chicken stock and veggies of choice.  During this process I add veggies that I know will make a nice hearty broth as when done will pull the meat out to cool, pull out veggies I know won’t food process very well (like celery).

Yup, that’s how I thicken.  (Add a couple of sweet potatoes in your veggies as well).   I will CAREFULLY (because very hot) will food process a can of white beans and desired stock.    When done, put all back into pot THEN ADD your petite diced carrots, onion and ham (pulled from bone).

HINT:  If you LOVE the pulled pork flavor, and love it hearty our friends at COSTCO have recently started to stock pulled pork in the prepared food section.  It’s soooooooooo good (use it for sliders too) as it’s just that, a smokey pulled pork and no sauce.


Basic Crock Pot Ham & Bean (HERE)

Diced Ham and Bean Soup (HERE)

Dutch Oven (stove top) Navy Bean & Ham (under 4 hours) (HERE)


*Start with hearty Ham Hocks or Shanks, rest them on a pile of veggie and cover with chicken stock.




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