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Creative Valentines for your Ex

Recycling Container Trash Dumpsters Being With Garbage Construct
ungvar|Big Stock

Put your EX where they belong on Valentines Day. will book a dumpster for your ex. 

And just for doing that you might win a hotel gift card.


What better way to express love in the time of a pandemic than virtual sludge.

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Open House New York

aren’t letting the pandemic end their wildly popular Valentine’s Day

tours of a Brooklyn wastewater facility. Instead, they’re making it virtual.

And then there is…..

From now through February 12, Fireball will pick the first 10 fans each day

who post a picture of their ex’s stuff that they want out of their place ASAP.

This can be their weird sweatshirts, old notebooks, pictures, WHATEVER.

Fireball will then reward you with a gift card to cover the cost of finally shipping it back to them.

and maybe the most stinky…

 A Kentucky animal shelter is raising funds by offering jilted lovers the

chance to have cats do their business on the names of their exes.


Maybe it’s just me, but as awesome as these are,

I would rather have my valentine focus on me rather than the EX!


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