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Covid Sniffing Pup

Top View Portrait Of Beige Puppy Labrador Retriever. The Dog Is
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Buffy and three other dogs in her class were selected for an experiment.

All four dogs had flunked out of Southeastern’s guide dog training for being too energetic,

but a new opportunity awaited them.

Buffy trained for three months, sniffing everything from chicken sandwiches,

to gum, and cigarettes that had been injected with saliva samples.

Working at the Sarasota hospital, she’s had the opportunity to put

her knowledge and training to the test.

When a visitor arrived at the hospital, they cited no symptoms of COVID.

However, Buffy pointed her well-trained snout at the person’s feet and laid down next to

them- her signal for detecting the virus.

Hospital staff ran a rapid COVID test, and it returned with positive results.

It appears that  Buffy’s training has paid off well and she can indeed detect a live virus.

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