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Corona 15

Youthful Women Measuring Her Waist With Blue Measuring Tape Exci
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Most of us have heard of the “freshman 15” every first-year college student dreads as they continue their education.

Whether caused by longer hours studying on their own or spending more time eating

(and partying) with friends, there are various tips and tricks to keep from gaining the extra weight.

(too late!?!)

Here are some tips:

Remember to stay hydrated! if you are working from home keep a glass of water nearby throughout the day.

Also, don’t forget your veggies! Fresh vegetables and fruits provide hefty amounts of essential nutrients.

With everything going on and the inevitable, collective sense of doom, are you feeling stressed?

Alcohol may seem like an obvious option to cope,

but everyone should try to limit their drinking. Also,

limiting the number of caffeinated drinks can help lower stress levels by improving focus and quality of sleep.