Warm 106.9 Workday Payroll Payoff

Get on our PAYROLL and win some CASH!

Here’s how to get on the payroll:

  1. Download the Warm 106.9 App and REGISTER to automatically be eligible to win!
  2. LISTEN for your name weekdays at 8AM, 10AM, 2PM, 4PM, and 6PM
  3. When you hear it, CALL us back at 1-800-622-1069 within 10 minutes and claim your spot on the payroll. You’ll instantly earn $200 and stay on the clock earning cash until the next “employee” punches in!


Download the APP from your APP Store … Or REGISTER right here!

Or, if you already have the APP, CLICK HERE and make sure we have all your updated info!


Official Warm 106.9 Workday Payroll Payoff Rules