Sue Romero Mom Makeover!

While at Value Village, Sia Hills from Thrifty Northwest Mom helped Warm 106.9’s Sue Romero select some new outfits!

Busy working moms can look good and save money at Value Village. Vote for the outfit you like best and fill out the form below for your chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Value Village, the Thrift Super Store!


Tips for shopping at Value Village, the Thrift Super Store:

  • Be sure to clean out your closet before shopping. You can get a 30% off coupon when you donate a bag before your shopping trip (be sure to sign up for the Super Savers program here). With this coupon you could get $100 in clothing for just $70 (and $100 goes a long way at Value Village).
  • Shop Value Village sales to save big! Watch for upcoming sales (there is a 50% off sale coming on 9/1)!  Again, you will want to sign up for the  Super Savers program so you can get notification (and sometimes early access) to their sales.
  • Look for special colored tag sales. Each week Value Village marks one color of tag items an additional 50% off. So, for example, this week we found Blue Tags on sale for 50% off during a recent shopping trip. That means that all items with a blue line on the tag were an EXTRA 50% off at checkout! You will generally find signs posting what tags are sale, and if not just ask a Value Village employee.