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Comic Relief from a Chicken

You might have heard about a chicken crossing the road.

But what about surfing?

A family pet chicken in West Virginia was caught on video catching a gentle wave after a passing storm left flooded streets.

The chicken, Shelly, was placed on a boogie board by her owner, Peyton Rogers, who is a resident of Tornado, West Virginia.

Neighbors Jonathan and Amber Koerber captured the scene on video outside their Greenbrier Way home and watched Shelly stay put while she slowly drifted down the street.

Koerber told Storyful that her husband is the one who suggested Shelly should take a boogie board ride after the kids in the neighborhood realized the water wasn’t deep enough for them to participate.

Koerber said the bird initially looked shocked — but then “seemed to enjoy it.”

Once Shelly’s board came to a stop, she hopped off with ease.

The video has since gone viral with more than 51,000 views on Facebook.

Shelly, a pet chicken who belongs to the Rogers family in Tornado, West Virginia, surfed down a flooded street with a boogie board. (Jonathan Koerber via Storyful)

Story: HERE

Video: HERE

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