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Cold-Stunned Turtles

Hatchling Newborn Loggerhead Sea Turtle (caretta Caretta) Crawli

The polar blast in Texas made turtles become lethargic and wash up on shore.

Normally in Texas, temperatures would be at comfortable 70 degrees.

The polar blast in Texas has lowered temperatures to frigid degrees,

leaving lots of sea life struggling to survive in unusually cold waters.

Sea Turtle Inc., a wildlife education and conservation non-profit,

says  sea turtles become “cold-stunned” whenever they are exposed

to temperatures lower than 60 degrees.

The creatures wash-up onshore, become lethargic, and are unable to move or eat.

Volunteers with the non-profit organization stepped up to rescue more than 4,000 turtle lives.

As if the rescue mission wasn’t difficult enough, the volunteers and the organization

encountered a major roadblock.

The rescue center lost power at both of their locations,

leaving the turtles without the heated water that they desperately need to survive.

Luckily, a large generator was given to one of the organization’s  locations by SpaceX,

restoring the power to the facility and heating the waters for the turtles.

Full Story and Pictures: HERE

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