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Co-Parenting During the Holidays

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A Divorce Lawyer’s Advice For Co-Parenting During The Holidays.

If you keep these points in mind, your chances of a satisfying holiday for all parties will be much higher.

 The holidays are supposed to be joyful.
For kids, especially, it’s a magical time and can create lifetime memories. But in families in which the parents are recently divorced or separated, there’s some tricky terrain to navigate. Co-parenting through the holidays can be stressful for parents who are no longer together. There’s a lot of newness in the family landscape — not to mention two separate households to coordinate — and, often, a backdrop of heightened emotions.

So how can families make sure “the most wonderful time of the year” creates special and happy memories?

1. The Children Come First. Period.

 2. Be A United Front With Your Co-Parent

3. Start Planning Early

4. Split The Holiday Evenly

6. Create New Traditions

7. Coordinate Gifts

8. Introduce Your “New Friend” Another Time

9. Prioritize Self Care

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Marilyn Chinitz is a partner at Blank Rome with 35 years of experience in every facet of family law. She is known for representing A-List celebrities and influential, high-profile clients in cases that have received national and international attention.

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