iStock_000007460103SmallDid you know that all of Santa’s Little Helpers have festive names like “Sugarplum Toe-Bells” and “Puddin’ Peppermint”?

If you were one of Santa’s elves, what would your name be?

Find out with our handy chart!

The first letter of my first name is…

A-Nipper                                                                 N-Jingle

B-Happy                                                                  O-Snowflake

C-Tootsie                                                                 P-Elvis

D-Perky                                                                   Q-Peaches

E-Bubbles                                                               R-Sugarplum

F-Tinsel                                                                   S-Frisbee

G-Sunny                                                                  T-Jolly

H-Merry                                                                  U-Tinsel

I-Squeezy                                                                V-Pinky

J-Cookie                                                                 W-Tinker

K-Kringle                                                                X-Puddin

L-Elfie                                                                      Y-Twinkle

M-Gingerbread                                                      Z– Buddy


The month I was born in is…

January-Pointy-Toes                                      July-Toe-Bells

February-Monkey-Buns                                August-Sparkley-Toes

March-Sugar-Socks                                        September-Plum-Pants

April-Angel-Pants                                           October-McJingles

May-Pickle-Pants                                            November-Peppermint

June-Superplum                                             December-Floppy-Feet