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What better way to spend the fall and winter months than by stoking a fire, huddling up around the TV and watching your favorite Christmas movies?

Below, you’ll find a list of Netflix and TV Christmas specials.

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Friday, November 1st

9:00pm – Two Turtle Doves (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Holiday in the Wild (Netflix)

Saturday, November 2nd

8:00pm – Merry & Bright (2019, Jodie Sweetin) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Christmas Reservations (2019, Melissa Joan Hart) (Lifetime)

Sunday, November 3rd

8:00pm – Christmas Scavenger Hunt (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Always and Forever Christmas (2019) (Lifetime)

Thursday, November 7th

9:00pm – A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Friday, November 8th

Let It Snow (Netflix)

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays Season 2 (Netflix)

Saturday, November 9th

8:00pm – A Christmas Duet (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Radio Christmas (2019, Keshia Knight Pulliam) (Lifetime)

Sunday, November 10th

8:00pm – The Mistletoe Secret (2019, Kellie Pickler, Patrick Duffy) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – A Sweet Christmas Romance (2019) (Lifetime)

Tuesday, November 12th

5:50pm – Home Alone (1990, Macaulay Culkin) (Freeform)

Wednesday, November 13th

5:40pm – Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992, Macaulay Culkin) (Freeform)

Thursday, November 14th

9:00pm – A Christmas Miracle (2019, Barry Bostwick) (Hallmark Movies)

Friday, November 15th

9:00pm – A Godwink Christmas: Meant for Love (2019, Kathie Lee Gifford) (Hallmark Movies)
9:00pm – Christmas A La Mode (2019) (Lifetime)

Klaus (Netflix)

Saturday, November 16th

8:00pm – Christmas in Louisiana (2019, Barry Bostwick) (Lifetime)

Sunday, November 17th

8:00pm – The Christmas Club (2019, Cameron Mathison) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Random Acts of Christmas (2019, Erin Cahill) (Lifetime)
9:20pm – Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000, Jim Carrey) (Freeform)

Wednesday, November 20th

8:20pm – Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992, Macaulay Culkin) (Freeform)

Thursday, November 21st

9:00pm – Our Christmas Love Song (2019, Alicia Witt) (Hallmark Movies)

The Knight Before Christmas (Netflix)

Friday, November 22nd

8:00pm – The Magical Christmas Shoes (2019) (Lifetime)
9:00pm – Christmas Under the Stars (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Nailed It! Holiday Season 2 (Netflix)

Saturday, November 23rd

8:00pm – Picture a Perfect Christmas (2019, Merritt Patterson) (Hallmark)

Sunday, November 24th

6:45pm – Home Alone (1990, Macaulay Culkin) (Freeform)
8:00pm – Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays (2019, Priscilla Presley) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Christmas 9 to 5 (2019) (Lifetime)

Monday, November 25th

8:00pm – Check Inn to Christmas (2019, Rachel Boston) (Hallmark)

Tuesday, November 26th

Super Monsters Save Christmas (Netflix)

True: Winter Wishes (Netflix)

8:00pm – A Gift to Remember 2 (2019, Ali Liebert) (Hallmark)

Wednesday, November 27th

8:00pm – Sense, Sensibility, & Snowmen (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – A Very Vintage Christmas (2019, Tia Mowry-Hardrict) (Lifetime)

Thursday, November 28th [Thanksgiving]

8:00pm – Home Alone (1990, Macaulay Culkin) (Freeform)
8:00pm – Write Before Christmas (2019, Grant Show) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – A Christmas Wish (2019) (Lifetime)

Holiday Rush (Netflix)

Merry Happy Whatever Season 1 (Netflix)

Friday, November 29th

8:00pm – Christmas at the Plaza (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Staging Christmas (2019, Soleil Moon Frye) (Lifetime)
9:00pm – The Christmas Wish (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Sugar Rush Christmas (Netflix)

Saturday, November 30th

7:45pm – The Santa Clause (1994, Tim Allen) (Freeform)
8:00pm – Christmas in Rome (2019, Lacey Chabert) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Merry Liddle Christmas (2019, Kelly Rowland) (Lifetime)
9:50pm – The Santa Clause 2 (2002, Tim Allen) (Freeform)
11:55pm – The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (2006, Tim Allen) (Freeform)

Sunday, December 1st

4:15pm – Holiday Affair (1949, Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh) (TCM)
6:00pm – The Shop Around the Corner (1940, James Stewart) (TCM)
8:00pm – Christmas Town (2019, Candace Cameron-Bure) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – You Light Up My Christmas (2019, Kim Fields) (Lifetime)
8:00pm – A Christmas Carol (1951, Alastair Sim) (TCM)
10:00pm – The Bishop’s Wife (1947, Cary Grant) (TCM)

Monday, December 2nd

Team Kaylie Part 2 holiday episode (Netflix)

Thursday, December 5th

9:00pm – This Time of Year (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby (Netflix)

Friday, December 6th

8:00pm – A Storybook Christmas (2019, Ali Liebert) (Lifetime)
9:00pm – Time for You to Come Home for Christmas (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Spirit Riding Free: The Spirit of Christmas (Netflix)

Magic for Humans Season 2 holiday episode (Netflix)

Saturday, December 7th

8:00pm – A Christmas Love Story (2019, Kristin Chenoweth, Scott Wolf) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Christmas Unleashed (2019, Vanessa Lachey) (Lifetime)

Sunday, December 8th

12:00pm – A Christmas Carol (1938, Reginald Owen) (TCM)

8:00pm – Christmas at Dollywood (2019, Danica McKellar, Dolly Parton) (Hallmark)

8:00pm – Grounded for Christmas (2019) (Lifetime)

10:15pm – The Holly and the Ivy (1952) (TCM)

Monday, December 9th

A Family Reunion Christmas (Netflix)

Thursday, December 12th

9:00pm – Christmas in Montana (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Friday, December 13th

8:00pm – Christmas Stars (2019) (Lifetime)

Saturday, December 14th

6:00pm – Matchmaker Christmas (2019) (Lifetime)
8:00pm – Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy (2019, Holly Robinson Peete) (Hallmark)

Sunday, December 15th

8:00pm – Alice in Christmasland (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Rediscovering Christmas (2019) (Lifetime)
8:00pm – Holiday Affair (1949, Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh) (TCM)

Thursday, December 19th

9:00pm – An Unforgettable Christmas (2019) (Hallmark Movies)

Friday, December 20th

8:00pm – The Christmas Temp (2019) (Lifetime)
9:00pm – A Family Christmas Gift (2019, Holly Robinson Peete, Patti LaBelle) (Hallmark Movies)

Saturday, December 21st

6:00pm – Christmas Love Letter (2019) (Lifetime)
8:00pm – It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – Christmas Hotel (2019, Tatyana Ali) (Lifetime)

Sunday, December 22nd

12:00pm – A Night at the Movies: Merry Christmas! (2011) (TCM)
8:00pm – Holiday Date (2019) (Hallmark)
8:00pm – A Date By Christmas Eve (2019) (Lifetime)

10:15pm – The Bells of St. Mary’s (1945, Bing Crosby) (TCM)
3:00am – Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (1983, David Bowie) (TCM)

Monday, December 23rd

8:00pm – The Shop Around the Corner (1940, James Stewart) (TCM)

Tuesday, December 24th [Christmas Eve]

6:15pm – Holiday Affair (1949, Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh) (TCM)
8:00pm – It’s A Wonderful Life (1946, James Stewart, Donna Reed) (NBC)
8:00pm – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)
8:00pm – The Bishop’s Wife (1947, Cary Grant) (TCM)
10:00pm – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)

12:00am – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)
12:00am – A Christmas Carol (1938, Reginald Owen) (TCM)

2:00am – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)

4:00am – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)

Wednesday, December 25th [Christmas]

6am, 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm – A Christmas Story (1983, Peter Billingsley) (TBS)

4:00pm – The Shop Around the Corner (1940, James Stewart) (TCM)

8:00pm – When Calls the Heart Christmas (2019, Jack Wagner) (Hallmark)

Monday, December 31st [New Year’s Eve]

Alexa & Katie Season 3 holiday episode (Netflix)