Day 1: Monday, December 9th

Cary, a retired teacher, nominated Misha. Misha is an elementary school office assistant raising four kids on her own.

Day 2: Tuesday, December 10th

Debbie has nominated Carol this morning. Carol is a longtime friend, who needs knee replacement surgery. Carol is on limited income and her doctors say that she won’t be able to walk without this procedure.

Day 3: Wednesday, December 11th

Sarah has shared the fact that her husband of 18 years, Sean, suffered major injuries falling through a roof, forcing him to be out of work for a year.

Day 4: Thursday, December 12th

Terri’s Mom, Charlotte, recently diagnosed with Leukemia and has never met her grandson.

Day 5: Friday, December 13th

Spring nominated Laura. Laura is the glue of their church. She is the most humble, yet feisty, person ever. She helps with the youth program, the choir and the food bank. Laura had been missing some of what the choir was singing, because she wasn’t able to hear.

Day 6: Monday, December 16th

Amanda is a single mother of four, working as a caregiver was reduced to only 20 hours a week.

Day 7: Tuesday, December 17th

Ilisha was super appreciative of being considered for the WARM 106.9 and Carter Subaru Christmas Wish. But, when she learned of a terrible loss of a child due to sudden infant death syndrome, she suggested that her blessings be transferred to their family to offset funeral costs.

Please take a listen. Many of our listening family were so moved by this unselfish gesture, on behalf of Ilisha, they asked for the Gofundme link to make their own donation. Donate here:

Thank you!!!

Day 8: Wednesday, December 18th

Iesha nominates Cougar Athletics in Tacoma’s Hill Top area. Cougar Athletics offers the benefit of organized sports to children in Tacoma that otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to play.

Day 9: Thursday, December 19th

Tomi from Arlington has struggled financially to take care of her husband Mark who has a brain injury and can no longer work.

Day 10: Friday, December 20th

Vanessa from Edgewood bears a huge financial burden while caring, around the clock, for her special needs child.