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Christina Perri’s new single “evergone” brought her out of her “grief house”: “It healed me so much”

Photo: Lauren Dunn, Art: Anna Chandler, Creative: Parker Genoway

Christina Perri has returned with “evergone,” the first single from her new album. Inspired by the devastating pregnancy loss she suffered in 2020, Christina says writing the song not only made her feel better, it convinced her to continue her music career.

“That song healed me so much,” Christina tells ABC Audio. “It was so authentically sort of put in my life at a time where I wasn’t even sure I was going to do this album or go back to work…I was in…like, a grief house is kind of what I call it…and I sort of stumbled upon this song.”

Specifically, an executive at Christina’s label sent her a snippet of the song, to which she responded, “I want to finish writing that. I want to make it my story.”

She adds, “It really kind of helped me. I mean, I already had an album finished. I just wasn’t sure what was gonna happen next.”

Reflecting on the song, Christina notes, “This could have just been a project for me…just to help me remember I love creating.” But after her team heard “evergone,” everyone agreed it was the right choice for a first single, to “honor” her “narrative.” As she explains, “I feel like my whole career. I’ve never skirted around real things I was going through.”

Christina continues, “I really feel like because I told my truth, because I made it super-specific, it did one of those magical things where it ends up being incredibly general and universal.”

And, she says, “evergone” is a good example of what you can expect from the new album.

“Nobody’s putting on the Christina Perri playlist to dance, you know what I mean?” she laughs. “It’s definitely  all about the feels. So if that’s what people are expecting, then I’ve really nailed it!”

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