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Christina Perri announces new album, celebrates Mother’s Day with new track featuring her daughter: “She’s so talented!”


Christina Perri will release her third album a lighter shade of blue on June 24.

The announcement follows the release of the first track from the album, “evergone,” which was inspired by the loss of Christina’s daughter Rosie.  The album will be Christina’s first studio album since 2013’s Head or Heart, not counting the two albums of lullabies she recorded for her daughters: Songs for Carmella and Songs for Rosie

She’s also dropped a new track, “mothers.” The perfect song for this Sunday’s Mother’s Day, it’s a love letter to moms everywhere, especially those who are struggling. “This one’s for you/’cause I’ve been there too,” Christina sings.  Her daughter Carmella, who’s four, adorably chimes in at the end, “I love you, mom.”

Carmella also contributed to Songs for Rosie, and Christina tells ABC Audio she’s amazed at what a naturally gifted singer her daughter is.

“I hate to be like a stage mom, you know, but like, she’s so talented!” laughs Christina. “Like, you can’t obviously make someone that good at singing. She just really is good at singing!”

“I noticed that, I feel like, when she was, like, maybe one, because now she’s four. But when she was like one, one-and-a-half, she learned every word to the Taylor Swift song [‘Love Story’] — I don’t even know the words!  She knew every word to it! And I was like, ‘OK!’  And then I just sort of watched it evolve.”

Christina adds that Carmella “definitely has interest” in following in her mom’s footsteps.


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