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Chris Pratt Honeymoon Sunburn… Ouch!

Get the man some aloe vera stat!  Just like many of us from Washington State it turns out Chris Pratt doesn’t tan… he rusts.

After my last tropical vacation I took a picture too!  In an extreme closeup you couldn’t tell the difference between my face and the surface of Mars.  I try to sunscreen… SPF 50 has to be re-applied every 5.7 seconds to be effective.  Then instead of awkwardly asking my wife to slather it on my back, cause I’m a dude and can do it myself (ha, ha, ha… I’m so dumb).   I have a perfectly rectangular lobster mark for weeks that I eventually have to scratch with a hair brush.

Remember the sunscreen this holiday week.  We get past tomorrow and it’s gonna be one for the books!

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