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China Zoo Tries to Pass off Rottweiler as Wolf

Portrait Of Rottweiler Female Looking Up Past Camera. Walking In
Photo Credit: Bigstock

At least it isn’t a chihuahua or a pug…

The plot thickens… the dog is watchdog raised at the zoo.  It’s being used to replace an actual wolf that passed away.

At least use a husky.  Or here’s an idea:  Don’t use animals at all.

I respect good zoos that equally respect the animals.  But a cage is no place for a dog.

Not the first time either:

2017: visitors to zoo in Guangxi found inflatable penguins, not the real cute and potentially cuddly ones as advertised.

2013: Tibetan mastiff was passed off as an African cat at Henan zoo.  Ha, ha, ha.

Oh China… now challenging Florida for dominance in the world of dumb.