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Cher Sings to Elephants~Feel Good Friday

A celebrity boosts Kaavals campaign on social media. It’s none other than Cher.

One of the biggest pop stars in the world, Cher,

met a creature that isn’t really used to being around other people.

When Kaavan — a 36-year-old bull elephant (also dubbed the

“world’s loneliest elephant”) — was moved from Pakistan to Cambodia,

Cher made sure she was there to greet him.

Kaavan gained international attention from animal rights activist groups

when they accused the Islamabad zoo of keeping him in poor quality care.

As he is taken off the plane, Kaavan will no longer be in a barren zoo

enclosure with no other elephants. Instead,

he will be transported to the province of Oddar Meanchey

where he will be joining over 600 elephants in a wildlife sanctuary.

Kaavan was greeted

by monks shouting prayers and feeding him bananas and watermelons.