Enough About Mindset

Sometimes we don’t even know we have a faulty mindset!!! How do we find out what mindset we have? How do we CHANGE it? PODCAST: HERE

Enough About Where I Come From

I do this activity every time I teach a Legacy Coaching/Publishing/Podcasting Class and last time someone added I come from Pimps, Preachers and Prostitutes!! This never gets old!! Listen and…

Enough About Mantra

What are the mantra’s in your head? Are they positive? Negative? What we tell ourselves, our brain believes and looks for more of what you tell it is your truth….

Enough About DMO

Daily Mode of Operation!! What are the daily habits you do to improve your life? Small things make a BIG difference in the long run PODCAST: HERE

Enough About Inspiration

You have a dream, something you want to do, but you don’t! What is the cost? Who is NOT being inspired by you not telling your story? What lives are…