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Carl Fredrickson (UP) Look Alike Wants His Mower Back

Tractor Lawn Mower Cutting The Grass In Springtime

For 85-year-old Gordon Blakeslee  mowing his lawn on his riding lawnmower is his happy place.

When the pandemic hit, Gordon moved in with his son’s family.

While he was gone, someone had the nerve to take his beloved riding lawn mower.

He didn’t want a ‘go fund me” account, he just wanted his mower back.

So up went the cardboard sign in his yard saying:

“Bring back my mower, I’m 85 and can’t push”.


The family kept everyone updated on social media.

Then one day the police showed up with a new,

replacement mower.  Someone donated, same bright red color.

So Gordon gets a sense of normalcy back and is out mowing to

his hearts content.

Thanks to the annonymous donor!!

Grandpa is kicking serious grass!

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