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Can’t Wait 2 Days? Me Neither!

Amazon Prime JUST got Prime-ier… I make up words.  It’s what I do.  Amazon isn’t content with you having to wait two days for your Tea Tree Oil shampoo or your Nature Made vitamins.  Those are the last two things we ordered at our house.  Amazon Prime is now promising ONE DAY delivery.

Oh boy… this isn’t good for my impulse shopping.  I can usually talk myself out of something stupid I would order at night (allegedly after a beer or two) by telling myself I’d have to wait two days.  There’s something about the instant gratification that is a powerful motivator.

I need my new mantra to be “just because they sell everything doesn’t mean I have to BUY everything”.   Repeat, to myself, often.

However, I know what the reality will be.  Three seconds after I order something I’ll be pawing at the Venetian blinds like a rabid cat to see if it’s been delivered yet.

I’m weak… but at least I know it.

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