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Can You Say “Petty”?


On the final day of his child support payments, a man dumped 80,000 pennies on his ex-wife’s lawn.

It was while his daughter was in the middle of class on line at home.

But the woman and her teenage daughter decided to turn that decidedly nasty act

into something positive—they’re donating the money to a domestic violence shelter.

the amazing thing is that other people donated to the shelter on the women’s behalf.

So far the Virginia shelter received almost $5,000 in donations.

A shelter representative says “during the pandemic, incidents of domestic violence incidents  increased,

people who have been abused, especially since the beginning,

were trapped in their homes with their abusers and couldn’t leave.

Since restrictions started lifting, it’s like a tsunami wave of people reaching out for help

at a time when federal funding has been cut, so this gift for us has been amazing.”

The daughter says she hasn’t talked with her dad in years.

She was disappointed in his actions, but said that he might be able to “learn a lesson” from the incident.

The Domestic Violence webpage

DV Hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

Full Story: HERE