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Can you handle TWO Taylor Swift tribute videos? One features The Rock; one’s all dominoes

Taylor Swift thrilled thousands of fans at CenturyLink Field in Seattle last weekend, but we’re not the only ones who love us some Tay Tay. Apparently Dwayne Johnson, a.k.a. The Rock, is a secret Swiftie too. Check out this clip from the HBO show Ballers featuring The Rock doing what we all do — singing along with T.S. in the car. Not lip syncing, mind you, but actually singing.

It’s not actually the first time The Rock has shared his inner Swift with the world. There’s this Lip Sync Battle performance:

Johnson explains that he personally ask Taylor’s permission to lip-sync to the song for that Spike show. “Taylor, I just gotta send you a personal appreciation. Thank you so much,” he says to the camera, telling Mario Lopez that “she’s notorious about protecting her music and her content — which she should be — but she heard I wanted to sing it and she was like, ‘Rock got it, just take it.’ I got the blessing from Tay Tay!”

And then there’s this completely different tribute to the singer, from a YouTube user who goes by the name petmagnetetal — it’s Taylor Swift’s entire career, portrayed in . . . dominoes.  Yes. The uber-fan describes the project this way:

Just a video with thousands of dominoes for the one and only Taylor Swift. I have been a fan of hers for a while now (I forget exactly how long), and she’s just an amazing person with amazing musical talent. While some may disagree (I understand her style of music isn’t for everyone), I still think she is an incredible singer/songwriter. I spent nearly a week straight working on this video.

Settle in and enjoy:


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