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Can this book really put your kids to sleep in just a few minutes?

It can be a challenge getting kids to settle down and actually close their eyes at bedtime. But a Swedish author thinks he’s created the solution with a book called The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep. Check out the blurb for the book on Amazon:

Do you struggle with getting your child to fall asleep?
In The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep you will follow Roger The Rabbit when he gets help from Uncle Yawn and other friends to fall asleep in the evening. Your child is quickly compelled by the story and falls asleep when you read it or after. The story is in a lovely way sleep-inducing and helps children all over the world to fall asleep.  This is a new safe and innovative way to help your child fall asleep and is recommended by psychologists and therapists. The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep will help you accomplish the task of getting your child to have its beauty sleep and sleep well all night.

But does it work? Reviews on Amazon are pretty positive, although some parents mention the book’s length (26 pages) and lack of lots of illustrations. But hey, maybe that’s what contributes to the book’s sleep-inducting quality. Here’s a report that the Today show did on the book. I guess it’s almost like a guided meditiation, and if you read it according to the instructions, you sort of lull your child into relaxation. I’ll be interested to see how that works, since my 3 1/2-year-old likes to stop the narrative on pretty much every page to ask questions about what’s happening: “Why did the rabbit get out of the car? Did the car have a flat tire? Will he have to call a tow truck? Can rabbits actually drive? Can we get a rabbit? Do you think our dogs would eat the rabbit?”

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Oh well, for $12 I’ll give it a try. I just hope it doesn’t put me to sleep faster than it works on my son.


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