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Cam Newton: $1500 Doesn’t Go as Far as It Used To [VIDEO]

Somehow I can’t see Russell Wilson trying to “upgrade” this way.  Cam Newtown, of the Carolina Panthers, offered a gentleman $1500 for extra leg room on a ten hour flight.  Guess what he said?

Whenever I’m sitting on a plane this day and age I’ll I can hear is the “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” song playing in my head.  ‘Cause NONE of those things fit in a modern airplane seat.  It’s okay…  I don’t like being comfortable anyway.

Why can’t seats on planes in REAL life be like seats on planes in the movies?  It’s all about that word… it’s right on the tip of my tongue… oh yeah, money!

Not sure, even if I had it, that I’d be trying to throw it around like Cam Newton though.  Disclaimer:  I’m NOT a fan of his.  But it’s so true, money can’t buy you class.


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